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FMV Speed Academy Training Camps

Do you have a few seconds to drop off your lap times to be more confident and competitive racing!? Do you want to fine tune your basic skills and eliminate bad riding habits, work harder on and off the track, stay focused and improve your riding, racing and training skills?

The FMV Speed Academy is here to help you improve your confidence on the track, increase your training and racing performance and reach your individual goals! Get the expertise of private training in a small-group format on and off the track.

The FMV Speed Academy has 3 different levels of coaching, from beginner to advanced, using your own bike or our FMV rental bikes. Our trainers have many laps, races, and championships under their helmets and they are here to share their training and riding techniques with you.

Speed Training 1:

Use FMV Bike Rental

Introduction to Riding, Training, Racing, Bike Set Up & Maintenance

Basic Riding Techniques

Eliminate Bad Habits on the Bike

2 Hours of Class Time

2 Hours of Track Time


*Limited to 4 riders per class

Speed Training 2:

Use Your Own Bike or FMV Bike Rental

Riding & Racing Techniques

Training Tips On & Off the Track

Gate Drops, Racing Line, Braking, Cornering, Strategy

2 Hours of Class Time

3 Hours of Track Time

$250 or $475

*Limited to 6 riders per class

Race Training 3:

Use Your Own Bike or FMV Bike Rental

A guest trainer will work with you to improve your lap times and

explain which changes to make when and where they are needed on the track

1 Hour of Class Time

2 Hours of Track Time

1 Hour of off Track Training

$250 or $475

*Limited to 6 riders per class

One on One Training:

Add a one on one trainer session to your track time.

A trainer will watch you ride 3 10-minute motos while taking photos and short videos of you riding to review after each moto to give you advance riding tips on how to tackle a lap at any track faster!

Call for Details & Scheduling 813-610-6553