FMV Bikes

If you have ever wanted to know how it feels to just be able to roll up to the track at the start of the day and jump on a bike that has already been fully prepped for you just like a professional rider, you're in luck. Here at Florida Motocross Vacations, we take care of everything. All of our bikes are stock newer models that are less than two years old and they are professionally maintained and prepared before every ride, including taking care of any bike changes or suspension set-ups right there on the track.

We take a great amount of pride in being able to provide our clients with the high performance equipment they need to get the motocross vacation of their dreams. Below, we have included a short list of the high quality bikes that we have available.

Honda 2018 CRF450R
Honda | CRF450R

Honda 2018 CRF450R. Four stroke.

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Honda 2018 CRF250R
Honda | CRF250R

Honda 2018 CRF250R. Four stroke.

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Yamaha 2018 YZ250
Yamaha | YZ250

Yamaha 2018 YZ250. Two stroke.

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Yamaha 2018 YZ125
Yamaha | YZ125

Yamaha 2018 YZ125. Two stroke.

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Honda 2018 CRF110
Honda | CRF110

Honda 2018 CRF110. Four stroke.

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Honda 2018 CRF50
Honda | CRF50

Honda 2018 CRF50. Four stroke.

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